Fr Cuthbert van de Sande, the founder of the Pax Yogurt Company, is seen standing between his sister and his niece on a visit to Mount St Benedict in 2004.

High-grade product from Mount St Benedict

As more people become increasingly health conscious, there is a growing demand for food products that enhance the life expectancy of individuals. Health and holiness have often been associated together, and in the Hebrew world-view an individual was considered blessed by God if he/she lived to a ripe old age.

The spirituality of the monks at Mount St Benedict has never been divorced from attending to the physical needs of individuals. Almost from its beginnings, the monastery had invested time, money and talent in the production of a high-grade honey, used by thousands of pilgrims for both social and medicinal purposes.

In more recent times, at least from 1997, the monastery has been churning out several gallons of another high-grade health product: PAX YOGURT! This fermented, semi fluid milk product, has been used extensively as a health food from time immemorial, being one of the oldest foods know to humankind.

The production manager, Maxime De Comarmond, is very devoted to the manufacture of high-quality yogurt and Fr Cuthbert, now in his 90s, and the brain behind the Mount's Yogurt, has left the secret recipe to him.  A devoted cadre of personnel ensure that the yogurt gets to the people who need it.

For the health-conscious individual, the benefits of yogurt are legion. In research conducted by Dr Grace Gopaulsingh, a friend of the Abbey, a number of its important benefits were identified. It replenishes calcium in the body, assists in the prevention of breast and colon cancer, assists in food digestion, and is useful in combating nausea / upset stomach (e.g. after chemo, in pregnancy).

PAX YOGURT is fat-free and cholesterol free, and thus a good food for the heart. It helps in the control of gastro-enteritis. It is also good for expectant and nursing mothers and is recommended for baby’s first semi-solids (not for lactose intolerant babies).

For those who simply want to look good on the outside, yogurt is ideal for facials as it helps fight pimples. In the smaller containers, it is a healthy bedtime snack and when fresh fruit is added it does have increased nutritional value. Among its several benefits, it is reputed “to prolong life, increase sexual potency, remedy baldness and calm frazzled nerves”. (Katriena Gibbon)

PAX YOGURT is available at several supermarkets throughout the country. If you have not yet seen PAX YOGURT on the shelves of your favorite supermarket, don’t worry; be happy!  It will soon be there!


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