Prayer to Jesus Atop Mount St. Benedict

Guard O’ Lord we pray all our minds, our bodies,
our senses, our desires and our ambitions.

Entrust them to Our Lady, Mother of Exile at Mount St. Benedict.

We too often suffer O’ Lord, in the exile of our sins, of our fear;

in the prison of our distrust in your mercy.

But we O’ Lord lovingly seek your face.

Help us to always do Your Holy Will O’ Lord

and to honour you in our words, our thoughts, our deeds and our hearts.

Help us to never stray from you,

no matter how lonely we are or how helpless we feel.

Help us to call on Your Holy Name when we feel

most alone and afraid and in anguish.

That we may never cease to praise You, even with our pain.

That praising you here on Earth today

we may praise you forever in Heaven. 


(This poem was written by Melissa Correia while at Mount St Benedict with the St Finbar's Prayer Group on their Palm Sunday Retreat on  20 March 2016)

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